Classic Wheels

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Retro: 1989 Mazda NA MX-5 - Roofless for the people

Mazda’s iconic roadster brought driving joy to the masses yearning to breathe free

Retro: Mirella 230TS - A dream car come true

Stunning, truly sensational and totally unreal, except that it's registered, locally designed and built, the Mirella could have come from an Ita...

Retro: Tatra T700 - The Bouncing Czech

Luxury- East European-style. BOB HALL catches up with the Tatra, an intriguing 20-a-year oddity

Retro: The first Ford V-8 Coupe

While the Model T is Hendry Ford's most famed creation, the 1932 Coupe was not only Ford's first V8, but arguably the world's first affordable V8.

2005 Bugatti Veyron first drive

Before the Bugatti Chiron, there was the no-expense-spared Bugatti Veyron. Wheels went all the way to Sicily to experience it

Archive: Holden SS Group A versus HDT Brock Group Three Comparison Review

Holden’s new kid on the block is challenging Peter brock’s title as muscle car champion. Peter Robinson gets between the two contenders for the...

Retro: McLaren F1 - The Mac Daddy

It redefined the modern supercar…and how much customers would pay for it.

Retro: 1969 Bolwell Nagari – The art of glass

Aussie sportster inspired by Lotus was a decent bit of kit

Archive: BMW M Coupe v Porsche 911 comparison review

Love it or loathe it, the no-compromise M Coupe is a radical performer. As Peter Robinson discovers, its overt charm stacks up well against its...

Gilles Villeneuve: The racer's racer

Motorsport lost a legend in 1982. Twenty years on, Gilles Villeneuve is remembered at the track where he achieved immortality.

1968 Jaguar XJ6

A sales downturn didn’t stop Jaguar producing this four-door classic.

Bernie Ecclestone: The Mysterious Mr. E

Eternal enigma Bernie Ecclestone is said to be Britain’s highest paid individual. Mark Fogarty looks at what is known about the little big man o...

Paul Newman: Movie star, racing driver

Paul Newman, known and loved as a talented movie star, was also a seriously good racing driver. We pay homage to his successful career in motors...

1988 Holden Commodore SL road trip remembered

Road trips are soul food for the Wheels reader, essential to demonstrating the joy of a long drive by car. Nobody better captured the spirit of...

Archive: R-Rated; Holden’s HSV GTS-R

Mike McCarthy drives the [then] ultimate Holden; HSV’s 1996 GTS-R