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Seven electric cars to be excited about in 2018

Like it or not, electrified drivetrains are arriving fast. Here are seven bound for Australia in 2018 that we’re pretty amped about.

Your say: Wheels inbox February 2018

Shoot us a message for your chance to be featured in the magazine and on our site. Keep it short and sweet (no more than 200 words) and please i...

The coolest safety cars of 2018

The 2018 motorsport season has some seriously cool metal leading the field before each race

Formula 1 2018: What's changed?

The pinnacle of motorsport is back. Here’s what’s changed

Wheel Stories: An Aussie at Indianapolis

This former footy hard man crash-tackled America’s biggest race

Porsche 911 GT3 RS - Data Driven

Telemetry has been a core part of motorsport since the 80s, but how much can data really assist the average driver? Editor Inwood straps himself...

Cars with consequence and the illusion of safety

"I’m deeply suspicious of cars that make you feel more talented than you actually are"

Opinion: The idiocy of inefficiency

Australia's booming trade ute and SUV market is in part contributed to by Australia's cheap fuel, but is it damaging us in the long run?

Born to drift: putting the Toyota 86 on ice

Nothing exposes the inherent balance of a car quite like getting absolutely sideways on a frozen lake

Explained: Audi E-Diesel

Audi is working on a fully synthetic fuel that could allow us to continue using our beloved combustion engines, as an alternative to impending e...

Special Report: The China syndrome

How the world’s largest car market is poised to impact the cars we drive

Editor's letter: The death of the Motor Show

With Detroit and Geneva under our belts already this year, Editor Inwood ponders the increasing irrelevance of the Motor Show in today's digital...

Retro: 1963 Renault Alpine A110

Renault mechanicals and minimal kilos made for a rear-engined pièce de résistance

McLaren GTR – evolution of a badge

When McLaren turns its fastest road cars into racers, it stamps the GTR badge onto the body

Retro Review: 2004 Ford Territory - So you once vowed you'd never buy a crossover...

The Ford Territory was a game changer for Ford Australia. Here’s our first review of what was to become Australia’s best-selling locally made SUV.