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The evolution of McLaren in Formula 1

This animation shows how McLaren F1 cars have morphed over the years, from the team’s first winner to the current black and orange machine

Alfa QV v BMW M3 vs AMG C63

Alfa's Ferrari-inspired Giulia QV hits the tarmac with the C63 S and M3 Competition, and holds its own against the sports sedan staples.

Reflecting on the life of a legend - Opinion

Michael Stahl reflects on how Gilles Villeneuve has impacted his life, 35 years after the F1 legend passed away

Opinion: Why Holden's influence is slipping

Unexpected A$3.1 billion dollar sale of Opel shows decline of Holden influence in eyes of Detroit headquarters.

Explained: Variable Compression

Wheels explains the world's first production-ready variable compression engine, the most radical rethink of the four-stroke engine thus far.

Australia’s best concepts: 2016 Opel GT

Opel’s red-blooded and red-tyred GT may have been designed in Europe, but it is made of solid Aussie stuff

ANZAC Automotive - 6 of the best vehicles to serve Australia

We pay tribute to the those who fought for our country, and look back at the different vehicles that carried them into combat - and back again.

Can you guess how much these ridiculous options cost?

Luxury vehicles have some truly insane options. Can you pick how much they cost?

Australia’s best concepts: 2011 Ford Australia Mad Max Interceptors

Wheels swings the spotlight to a Ford Australia concept which got tongues wagging around the world and paid homage to an iconic Aussie film

Top 5 drag racing special editions

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon grabbed headlines everywhere last week, but here are five factory-built cars that preceded it made especially for...

48 hours in a HSV GTS-R W1

Our first taste of the ballistic HSV GTS-R W1 on the public road was a 1000km road-trip through Victoria's high country

The hunt for Australia’s Greatest Muscle Car – the 1990s

Vote for which Aussie built bruiser was the best of the decade

Lamborghini Murcielago with 415,000km on the clock is the ultimate daily driver

Instead of keeping his Lamborghini in the garage, this owner turned it into the coolest daily driver out

Australia’s best concepts: 2008 Holden Coupe 60

Wheels swings the spotlight to one of the most modern Aussie concepts to make waves around the world

Godzilla Redux – Nismo GT-R, Bathurst, and a nervous editor

Editor Inwood heads back to his old stomping ground of Bathurst behind the wheel of Nissan’s fearsome GT-R Nismo