Tyre Compare: Taking the pain out of tyre shopping

Tyre Compare Australia

Tyre shopping has always been a somewhat medieval experience that entailed an infinite loop of calling around on the phone and talking to answering machines.

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While just about everything else can easily be shopped for online these days, it seems that the local tyre shops have been slow to catch on. However, the dark days are over because there’s a new kid in town: TyreCompare.com.au.

Tyre Compare is the first and only comparison website in Australia that allows you to find inventory and prices stocked by your local tyre retailer. While there are other websites that sell tyres online, Tyre Compare is the only one that does away with the hassle and expense of having to get your tyres shipped from a warehouse. The inventory on Tyre Compare is uploaded by your local tyre shop, meaning it’s in stock and ready to be fitted.

“Think of TyreCompare like a crowdsourcing platform for tyres, a bit like the AirBnB of tyres,” Matt Banks, the founder of TyreCompare explains, “The inventory is uploaded by the dealers, you as the consumer can then select the right tyre at the right price stocked at a location near you. Reserve the tyres online and then the dealer will call you to arrange to have your new tyres fitted.”

Visit www.TyreCompare.com.au and let your mouse do the shopping!

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