Wheels Review: Bentley Continental GT Speed

Adding the Speed suffix to the second-generation Bentley Continental GT pumps up top speed by 12km/h over the regular W12-powered Conti GT. With a 330km/h vmax, the Speed is the fastest car Bentley has ever made.

On semi-busy autobahns near Munich on the international launch of the Speed, the big Bentley easily and often powered past 300km/h. At 300km/h you’re covering 81 metres every second. Think about that next time you’re on a footy field. At that pace the Speed remained rock solid, even thundering through sweepers with the speedo needle wrapped past 300. Not only that, but the Speed remained quiet enough to hold a conversation with a back seat PR passenger – though she went strangely silent when we began overtaking cars with a 180km/h differential in velocity.

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