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2016 Infiniti Q50 long term car review, part 2

Corby concedes that (other) people can settle for ‘nice’. But finds himself questioning whether it’s nice enough to be considered a premium player.

2016 Jaguar XE long-term car review, part 2

Forget short-hop flight hassles, try Jaguar XE-class We’re willing to argue that choosing to fly Jaguar XEpress is best.

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain review

You’d think jacking up a station wagon to make it a quasi-SUV would ruin what we liked so much in the first place. Not always.

2017 Lexus LC review

Every brand needs a hero car. And Lexus has a new one.

2017 Maserati Quattroporte first drive review

Italy’s big luxury sedan gains a sprinkling of bespoke luxury – and up-to-the-minute multimedia – to support its charismatic quest for seducing...

2016 Jaguar XE long-term car review, part 1

The most impressive Jaguar in decades slinks in. We take home the 2016 Jaguar XE R-Sport 2.0d and find something unexpectedly special lurking…

Seven seater comparison review: Mazda CX-9 Sport

It's time to embrace the best post-Ford Mazda that isn’t an MX-5 - the Mazda CX-9. The last time we were this pumped about a large SUV, it was 1...

2016 Infiniti Q50 long term car review, part 1

Oh the humanity. As if Corby needs another reason to rail against society. Corby on carpark prangs, eggings and the completely inoffensive Infin...

Seven seater comparison review: Kia Carnival S

The Kia Carnival S confines its brief to ‘movement of the people’ and succeeds. Carnival successfully marries handsome styling with luxurious sp...

2017 Ford Everest Trend RWD review

It looks and smells like a regular Everest, but the rear-drive Trend is all about towing, long distance touring and ferrying families rather tha...

Seven seater comparison review: Kia Sorento Si

The Kia Sorento Si is Sufficiently strong in enough areas to hoist bronze. The South Korean seven-seater SUV wooed us with its practicality, per...

Seven seater comparison review: Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Quirkiness meets cool to deliver a mostly warm embrace. But cool is as cool does and in other ways the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso’s quirkiness req...

2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 S review

An all-wheel-drive supercar-baiting Mercedes-AMG E63 will soon arrive in Australia. We get an early taste of it in Portugal.

2017 Audi Q5 review

Audi has launched a second-generation Q5 to take on the likes of the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Porsche Macan and Jaguar F-Pace

2016 Toyota Mirai review

Like an electric car but without the range anxiety, Toyota’s Mirai is one of the new breed of hydrogen fuel cell cars seen as crucial part of an...