Toodles, Todt

Toodles, Todt

Though the stats at Ferrari's annual stockholder's meeting showed a record total sales gain of 17.6 percent, there was one missing figure that will come as a tremendous loss to the carmaker.

Jean Todt's resignation from his spot as CEO and member of the Board of Directors was not a shock for some, with the 16-year Ferrari man thought to be considering a move to the FIA (F1 governing body) for some time. But the former Scuderia Ferrari boss has timed his exit well, leaving Ferrari with 1,921 million Euros profit in the bank from 2008 sales, and (possibly) heading towards an F1 world in the midst of change.

"Jean Todt has been one of the leading protagonists of the Ferrari story of the last 15 years," said Ferrari Chariman Luca di Montezemolo.

"Skill and passion have always characterised his work and have won him the respect and affection of my staff, the Company as a whole and Prancing Horse enthusiasts everywhere.
"All of these years we've spent together - victories and tough times included - have forged a link between Jean Todt and Ferrari that will never be broken."

Well, unless he does join the FIA...

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