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Suzuki bucks the trend

Finishes in the black again, like it has every year since 1950.

Holden stands alone

It's business as usual for Holden, despite its parent company going under.

The General's last stand

Angry bondholders may have finally fired GM straight into Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy book, as the Obama administration and GM boss Fritz Hende...

Two recalls for Pontiac G8

More bad news for Holden fans, with the now-defunct Commodore collaboration suffering a recall.

SsangYong finds a lifeline

The Korean carmaker has kept liquidators at bay with promisees of a full company restructure and new eco-friendly models.

Shrink wrap

Nissan recalls over 360,000 first-gen Murano SUVs in the USA due to shrinking intake ducts.

He's no kidder ...

Chrysler has appointed C. Robert Kidder as the new chair of Chrysler Group.

Cash for clunkers

Audi Australia boss calls for incentives to scrap old cars to aid the car industry, road safety and the environment.

Audi swims against the tide

Audi continues to sell up a storm, but it won't catch BMW. This year ...

Toyota forecasting A$11.3 billion loss

Wrong products for the times and no quick return to the black for the world's number one car manufacturer.

Jaguar Land Rover near collapse?

JLR and Tata warn the British Government: no loan guarantee, no guarantee of existence.

US Mail: The beginning of the end?

Wheels US correspondent John Lamm sits on the sidelines as Chrysler's fight reaches its final minutes ...

Sleeping satellites

It's official - Porsche and Volkswagen emerge from merger talks with a united plan.

Ford says Tata to Jaguar and Land Rover

The Americans are ready to sell, and it's an Indian company that leads the bidding war for the two famous British marques.

Bleeding dealerships and death threats

The latest update in the Chrysler bankruptcy saga.