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Ford Falcon dead by 2016

It's official – The Ford Falcon, one of Australia's oldest and most iconic nameplates, will die in 2016.

Ford Australia closes down

Shock! Ford Australia will close its Australia factories. After years of dwindling sales, and no sign of recovery, Ford Australia has decided to...

V8 power saves electric car

In a delicious dose of irony, struggling electric car maker Fisker looks to have been saved by a petrol burping, tyre shredding V8.

Breakdown: Holden's $2 billion in funding

Holden’s decision to cut 500 jobs has seen it make headlines around the world – with many outlets focusing strongly on the brand’s hefty governm...

Holden axes 500 jobs

Just two months from the launch of its new VF Commodore, Holden will cut 500 jobs from its plants in South Australia and Victoria.

Ferrari profits soar thanks to three of its top models

Ferrari has recorded a significant increase in both profits and sales thanks to three of its top models

Saab sold - to Koenigsegg!

Saab stays in Swedish hands.

US Mail - Trainer wheels

Wheels US correspondent John Lamm updates us on the latest mishaps and money problems in Motown.

Heir to a shaky throne

Toyota CEO takes massive 30 percent paycut, predicts another two-years of financial loss.

The resurrection of Chrysler

Forty two days. That's how long it took to bring bankrupt Chrysler back from the brink ...

The many GMs of General Motors

The new New GM chairman is former AT&T chief Edward Whitacre, Jr.

US Mail: The consequences of GM's actions

From faultlines to full 'quake: Wheels' US correspondent John Lamm analyses the aftermath of the General Motors collapse.

Saab saved by fellow Swede?

Saab may be bought out by fellow automaker and supercar company Koenigsegg.

The calm after the storm

Holden's American-born boss steps up to the plate swinging at the official Holden media briefing at Fisherman's Bend this morning. Wheels' Bruce...

Broke and broken

GM files for bankruptcy protection with an unmovable deficit of $US172.8 billion in debts. The Official GM statement