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2016 Geneva Motor Show: Aston Martin to put own stamp on Mercedes-AMG V8 engine

Aston Martin will put its own spin on an engine from the masters of the V8

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Toyota C-HR baby SUV

As the name suggests, Toyota’s tardy small SUV targets the Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V

2016 Geneva Motor Show: No SUVs for Ferrari, McLaren

Ferrari’s senior VP of design says you’d have to shoot him first if you want to stick the Prancing Horse badge on an SUV.

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Abarth 124 Spider adds power to Fiat’s MX-5

Word is that the Abarth will be the only version of Fiat’s 124 Spider to head to Australia

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Maserati Levante revealed

Maserati’s first SUV is expected to double the brand’s sales, but still maintain an air of exclusivity

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Honda Civic Hatch, Type R for Australia

Honda’s reshaped Civic Hatch will arrive next year, followed by its rival for the Golf GTI

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Aston Martin DB11 revealed

The DB11 is Aston Martin’s first all-new car post-Ford. It’s also the vanguard for the British brand’s future

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Jaguar F-Type SVR confirmed for Australia

Prepare yourself Australia, Jaguar’s 320km/h F-Type is coming our way

2016 Geneva Motor Show: DS E-Tense would be $400K Tesla killer

Formula E derived electric drivetrain supplies 360km range

2016 Geneva Motor Show: AMG GT R confirmed, Black Series coming

AMG boss reveals rapid expansion of GT family to include even faster and more powerful versions, and a convertible

2016 Geneva Motor Show: McLaren: 15 models, hybrids by 2022

Bold six-year business plan to double the size of the British sports car brand with hybrid and electric vehicles.

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Audi Q2 revealed

The new Audi Q2 plugs an important hole in the German luxury brand's SUV line-up

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Porsche revives 911 R

It’s arguably Porsche’s purest 911, but the manual-only 911 R misses out on basics found in $15K cars

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Kia Sportswagon revealed

Optima-based wagon makes the leap from sporty, muscular concept to cardigan-wearing family fare

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Koenigsegg Regera supercar revealed

Think the Bugatti Chiron is an impressive piece of engineering? Koenigsegg reckons it has done one better