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Tokyo motor show 2013 is go!

A gallery of highlights from Day 1

TOKYO 2013: Toyota 86 Open Concept

The debate about a convertible Toyota 86 is back on again after yet another drop-top concept was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show

TOKYO 2013: Subaru Levorg unveiled

Is the Subaru Levorg the next-generation Liberty Wagon?

TOKYO 2013: New Lexus RC Revealed

Lexus has admitted to trying to sex its image up with the launch of its new RC at the Tokyo motor show

TOKYO 2013: Honda's lightweight special

HONDA'S return to Formula 1 is already paying dividends, with the company revealing new carbon-fibre technology to reduce weight in its road car...

TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2013: Lexus RC Coupe

Lexus has given the world a sneak peek at the sporty new RC coupe it will unveil at the Tokyo Motor Show

Caught! Merc's hardcore luxury coupe

Tyre-bending performance and first class levels of luxury are mutually exclusive, right? Not according to Mercedes-Benz.

Belarus halts Mazda convoy | Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

As part of a pre-launch stunt, eight Mazda 3s left Hiroshima for Frankfurt 30 days ago. Only six arrived.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2013: Best supercars

Supercars sit at the lofty peak of the performance pyramid. Built for speed and pleasure, they indulge the senses with stunning looks and breath...

Smart Forjoy | Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Smart is mounting its second attempt at a four-seater car with the new Fourjoy concept that was revealed in Frankfurt over night.

Robbo's picks | Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

He's been connected with Wheels magazine for close to four decades, so former editor, Peter Robinson is well placed to call the shots at this ye...

Frankfurt Motor Show 2013: Best concept cars

The name says it all. Concept cars preview the future direction of the automotive world in terms of design, materials, and engineering; even tra...

Porsche Panamera update | Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Its record-shattering 918 Spyder may have been the highlight but it was far from the only Porsche on display at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Lexus LF-NX Concept | Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Lexus has a problem – its buyers are getting old. Which is why it’s targeting a new, younger audience with concepts like this new LF-NX crossover.

Honda Civic Type-R | Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Honda's current range is so bereft of spirit and excitement, the company has to talk about a hot hatch still two years away to get any attention.