2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Mercedes-Benz teases all-electric hatch

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Mercedes-Benz teases all-electric hatch

MERCEDES-BENZ is steaming full speed ahead into an electric future, teasing an all-new addition for its forthcoming EQ sub-brand.

The compact model is the third concept for Mercedes’ planned electric EQ brand, following the initial Generation EQ SUV concept show in Paris last year, and the latest Smart Vision EQ Concept.

Dubbed the EQ A, the car will be revealed in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month.

Only a single teaser image of the car has been revealed so far.

Mercedes-Benz is claiming the EQ A will “shape the mobility of tomorrow”. While the Mercedes concept is likely to be a hatch, likely rivals for a production model would include the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3, along with the Chevrolet Bolt which remains unconfirmed for Australia.

As of yet, no details on the EQ A have been released, however it is likely to have an all-electric range that is similar to the Generation EQ concept – somewhere in the 500km ballpark.

The electric concept is rumoured to be built atop the new MEA platform Mercedes has developed, with production speculated to begin in 2019.

EQ is Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric sub-brand, and is expected to launch around 2020, with everything from production cars to wall chargers and home batteries falling under its umbrella.

Judging from images of the Generation EQ and EQ A, which have been released so far, the new EQ brand is likely to have its own unique design language. While similar to Mercedes-Benz’s current line-up, the EQ’s design cues have a more ‘futuristic’ twist.

It now seems customary for an electric vehicle concept to also come with a full suite of self-driving features. It is likely Mercedes-Benz will be showcasing new autonomous technology with the EQ A.

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