Best cars of the 2016 New York Motor Show video

FOR a city that has adapted to largely cope without cars, New York sure knows how to put on a motor show. And the stars? Everything from small city runabouts to hulking SUVs. 

Wheels was there as the covers were pulled off everything from an all-new version of the Subaru Impreza hatchback built on the Japanese carmaker’s future platform, a hard-topped Mazda MX-5 unveiled in the shadow of a restyled Toyota 86, to a Genesis-badged New York Concept that aims to lure cost-conscious luxury car buyers to Hyundai’s standalone premium brand. 

For supercar fans, there was also a restyled version of Nissan’s beer-budget supercar, the twin-turbo V6 GT-R, as well as a track version of the Honda NSX, badged the Honda NSX GT3

Oh, and a sporty take on the compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz. 

Join us on a quick tour, where we name our picks of the 2016 New York Motor Show.

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