Best cars of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show video

We walk you through the hottest new metal shown at Geneva for 2016.

FROM the $5 million Bugatti Chiron to the production version of the Toyota CH-R – the Japanese carmaker’s new small SUV, the 2016 Geneva Motor Show was the usual spread of the outlandish and the practical.

The Bugatti Chiron began life as the Vision Gran Turismo Concept shown at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. It now offers 25% more grunt than a Veyron and boasts a V-Max exceeding 440km/h and looks fantastic. At the other end of the spectrum, the Toyota CH-R has been toned down from the original concept but still sports some dramatic styling cues. The hybrid small SUV is motivated by a 1.2L four-cylinder direct-engine turbo. We also take a peek at Audi latest weapon in the small SUV market, the Audi Q2.  

In between was everything from Porsche's most focused 911 and the all-new V12-powered Aston Martin DB11 to the latest addition to Audi's SUV family and Maserati's new Levante. The Aston DB11 is brand new from the ground up with an all-new 5.2L V12 turbo-charged with a claimed output of 448kW. The Porsche 911 R is a stripped-down special edition made up of body panels from the GT3 RS, equipped with a proper manual and plastic windows.

So come with us as we take a quick tour of the Europe's most influential motor show to show you the hottest new metal on offer.

Check out all the latest news as revealed at the 2016 Geneva show here.

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