New Holden Commodore owners sent photos; choose build numbers

Who wouldn’t want pics of their brand new Commodore being built?

JUST as ultrasound pictures provide an early snapshot of an eagerly awaited child, customers who have ordered a 2017 Commodore will be able to order pictures of their pride and joy during its gestation on the Elizabeth production line.

The pictures will be available to buyers of all 2017-build Commodores who will be able to download a digital photograph. Photos will be sent via email or provided to the dealer at point of sale. In both cases the photos will be delivered after the car.

The initiative comes on top of Holden’s offer for buyers of the 2017 limited edition Commodores to select their own vehicle build number, if they purchased their cars before April 24.

The company is reminding customers of the Motorsport Edition, Director or Magnum that time is running out to select a number. Holden’s CRM Manager, Rich Wright said 80 per cent of numbers for sold cars have been claimed.

“We’ve seen some definite trends in number popularity,” he said. “For example, all of the first 200 and last 100 Motorsport Edition numbers have gone as well as all double and triple digits like 55 or 555. It’s been great to watch!”

2018 Holden Commodore hiding under Malibu skin

Customers yet to assign a build number to their Special Edition Commodore are encouraged to contact their dealer soon to avoid disappointment. The selection process will end at midday on Wednesday, May 10.

Wright says the feedback Holden has received from both initiatives so far “has been phenomenal”.

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