Bentley unleashes Bentayga Mulliner Falconry edition

Bentley Bentayga falconer with woman and falcon

BENTLEY’S Mulliner team of master craftsmen and designers have unveiled a new ‘Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner’ special edition of its large luxury SUV in the United Arab Emirates.

The highly-specialised version of the company’s off-roader has been created to appeal to well-heeled fans of the British brand in the Middle East, where the sport of falconry is a popular pastime, particularly among the royal family.

It follows the ‘Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner’ that was designed for devoted fly fishing enthusiasts with a big budget to spend on their passion and rolled-out to rivers and lakes around the world mid last year.

Bentley Bentayga falconry with falcon
For the latest Mulliner special edition, the team started with the current 6.0-litre W12 flagship of the range and added a number of bespoke luxurious but functional features that allow owners to enjoy their sport of Falconry in comfort and style.

A roof-mounted spoiler creates up to 75kg of downforce for added stability during high-speed cornering, but doubles as a perch for the hunting birds when stationary, with talon-resistant suede upholstery.

When at speed, special aerodynamic channels in the Bentayga’s grille whistle at the same pitch as prey, allowing owners to train their sporting birds without leaving the comfort of the spacious cabin,

Like the fly fishing version, the Falconry by Mulliner’s boot is decked out with the finest burr walnut cases to store the various hoods, jesses and gloves as well as an ornate cage complete with quilted aniline leather liner stand and Swarovski crystal drink bottle.

Bentley Bentayga falconry edition rear
Customers also get an extra-long silk creance – the leash used when training young birds – with white gold-plated tether points incorporated into the towbar, when optioned.

The special edition is being launched in the UAE where the sport is widespread but Bentley Mulliner Head of Technical Operations Uday Senapati told Wheels that, following the popularity of the fishing variant, the Falconer would be offered to Bentley customers in other global markets including Australia.

“It will be open to the whole world,” he said. “The fly fishing model we’ve sold all over the world.”

It is not yet known if any examples of the special Bentayga will beak-oming down under or at what cost, but given Australia’s demand for high-end vehicles, it is likely customers will be preying for an opportunity to get their claws on an example, and winging it when it comes to the price.

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