Mercedes-Benz G-Class dual-cab ute spy pics

2016 Mercedes-Benz G500

Spy snappers in Northern Europe have happened across what appears to be a ute-backed Mercedes-Benz G-Class sporting hard-core offroad modifications, raising speculation that Benz’s rugged body-on-frame offroader is set to receive a muscle-bound load-lugging "last hurrah" special edition.

Similar in concept to the dearly departed Land Rover Defender 130, the G-wagon dual-cab is also reminiscent of dual-cab chassis versions of Toyota’s own unbreakable (and similarly ancient) offroader, the 70-series Toyota LandCruiser. With full-frame doors and a canopy-like cover over the rear tub, there’s also a passing resemblance to the Jeep Wranger.

Mercedes -Benz -G500-4x 4-ute -frontHowever there are a few… subtle differences with this one.

Those AMG red brake calipers are a clue, but trainspotters will scope the absence of a conventional live axle linking the left and right wheels.

Mercedes -Benz -G500-4x 4-ute -sideInstead, this camo-clad beast rides on beefy portal axles, similar to those used on the heavy-duty Unimog range (another Mercedes-Benz product).  Incredible ground clearance is the result – or at least it would be, were it not for those twin side pipes running under the front and rear doors.

Mercedes -Benz -G500-4x 4-utility -rear -sideAnd then there’s the extreme track width and fatter-than-Pavarotti fender flares. This ute is w-i-d-e, and looks to equal the girth of the mega-excessive Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 – which coincidentally also rode atop Unimog-style portal axles and sported a dual-cab ute bodystyle – and the AMG G550 4x4 which never came to Australia.  

Twin intercoolers visible through the front bumper betray a twin-turbo powerplant, which we expect to be the familiar 5.5-litre bi-turbo V8 as used by the G63 wagon. Power? Bank on it at least equalling the G63’s 420kW and 760Nm at the very least.

Mercedes -Benz -G500-4x 4-utility -rearAll signs point to this car being a hybrid of the G63 6x6 and G550 4x4, merging with a four-wheel layout with a truncated version of the 6x6’s four-door ute bodystyle. With an all-new G-wagen expected to be not far around the corner, what you see here could be the swansong for Benz’s long-toothed four-by-four.

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