Toyota 86 receives Ferrari 458 V8 engine swap

Notorious drifting wild man Ryan Tuerck had the wacky idea to put a Ferrari V8 into a Toyota 86, and the result is glorious.

WE are big fans of crazy engine swaps here at Wheels HQ. It might have something to do with working alongside those nutters at Street Machine, but the thought of a big, powerful engine wedged into a small, light chassis tickles us in all the right places.

The Toyota 86 is one car that is ripe for these sorts of modifications. High-powered LS V8 and 2JZ straight-six conversions thick on the ground for these cars, however what Formula D driver and all round rad dude Ryan Tuerck decided tread a different path with his 86 drift car.

Tuerck, who both competes in and daily-drives 86s powered by Toyota’s legendary 2JZ 3.0-litre turbo six (as featured in the last-gen Supra), got his hands on a Ferrari 458’s 4.5-litre V8, and has decided it would go perfectly with the little Japanese coupe.

Aptly dubbed the GT4586, the project has been gestating for a number of months. Over the weekend, Tuerck and his mates started the car for the first time.

Thankfully for us, the dudes at Donut Media were there to capture the awesome, and it is spectacular!

With some very fancy custom made headers and exhaust, the Ferrari 458 bellows a beautiful song.

We just cannot get enough of the sound this car makes, which is as much a credit to the maestros at Maranello as is it is to the fabricators that made up the custom exhaust system.

Oh, and did we mention the car shoots flames? Everything is cooler if it shoots flames. Fact.

The car isn’t finished yet, with the hood and other bodywork still yet to be completed. It appears the Ferrari engine is mounted with the intakes pointing rearward, meaning Tuerck and co will need to figure out a way to make the thing breathe properly. Regardless, you can colour us excited for when this thing is finally finished and ready to shred rubber.

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