You’ll never drive the Ferrari 458MM Speciale

Ferrari 458MM Speciale

Worked over version of Maranello's glorious atmo V8 is the vision of one well-heeled British customer

DO regular Ferraris bore you? This is the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale, a bespoke build carried out by Ferrari for one very fortunate (and cashed-up) individual who wanted something a little less ‘ordinary’ than the usual Prancing Horse.

It could be the best version of Ferrari’s highly acclaimed 458, and arguably even better than the Ferrari 488 that replaced it – but we’ll never know, because we will never drive it. And Ferrari won’t say who owns it.

Ferrari -458-MM-Speciale -front -topThere’s no word on how much Ferrari charged the lucky buyer to carry out the modifications, but the changes to the one-off supercar go beyond its ‘Bianco Italia’ paintwork and stripes. Built in-house at the Ferrari Styling Centre at Maranello, the aluminium bodywork has been thoroughly customised to include reshaped side intakes, updated cooling ducts, a new rear spoiler and modified light clusters.

Ferrari -458-MM-Speciale -rearBlacked-out pillars create a wraparound ‘visor’ effect as requested by the British customer. From the side, the tailored glasshouse arrangement bears a resemblance to the new Ford GT, not that Ferrari would be pleased to hear that. It says the look is “very much in the style of the 1984 Ferrari GTO” (pictured bottom).

Ferrari -458-MM-Speciale -front -sideThe 458 MM Speciale uses headlights and other design elements styled on the newer Ferrari 488 GTB, blending the 488’s looks with the mechanical magic of the 458. Carbonfibre bumpers and unique alloy wheels complete the exterior, while an upgraded stereo and white-stitched leather upholstery tie the whole package together.

Ferrari -458-MM-Speciale -sideThe 458 Speciale’s 445kW 4.5-litre naturally-aspirated V8 engine is lauded as one of the greatest-ever, and is unchanged for this one-off machine. Ferrari ended production of the 458 in 2015 and made the switch to turbocharging for its replacement – the Ferrari 488 GTB.

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