Professional marksman turns 911 Targa into world’s fastest clay pigeon trap

Professional marksman shooting at 911 Targa clay pigeons

IN this week’s instalment of ‘Awesome or sacrilege?’ we have British professional marksman Philip Thorrold and a Porsche 911.

But, this isn’t any old 911. This Targa has been converted into what is possibly the fastest clay pigeon trap in the world.

Thorrold affixed the trap to the hood of his 911, and set out to make a thoroughly entertaining and impressive video.

Initially chasing the 911 around the estate, shooting targets as the car slides around the grass, Thorrold then rides shotgun, taking down the erratic clays with ease.

Just to make things a bit more exciting, the clays have been fitted with exploding discs. Because the clip was just missing that extra bit of awesome.

Watching a professional marksman like Thorrold hit his targets with precision is impressive to watch, and having a sliding 911 Targa in the mix makes for a visual and auditory delight.

But seriously, do not try this at home.

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