McLaren P1 LM is modern-day F1 LM successor

McLaren P1 LM is modern-day F1 LM successor

The company that raced the McLaren F1 to an unexpected and historic Le Mans victory in 1995 has transformed the British brand’s track-only P1 GTR racer into a road-going supercar.

Lanzante’s LM is the successor to McLaren’s F1 LM that was the maddest version of what was already the world’s fastest production car in the 1990s.

Mc Laren -P1-Lazante -driving -rear -side

A prototype version of what Lanzante says is “intended to be the quickest, rarest and last of the P1 variants” will take on the famous Hillclimb at this week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Extra boost for the twin-turbo V8 and increased hybrid power via the electric motor ensure the McLaren P1 LM produces the same 735kW as the P1 GTR racing car despite being tuned to run on 99 octane.

Mc Laren -P1-Lazante -driving -front -sde

The LM is even 60kg lighter than the track car through the removal of the air jack used for speedy pitstops, an exhaust system featuring parts made from titanium and Inconel, Lexan plastic windows, and various titanium bolts and fixings. It also retains the GTR’s lightweight seats.

The GTR’s Race Active Chassis Control system carries over, though there are different wheels and tyres for the road-going off-shoot.

Mc Laren -P1-Lazante -steering -wheel

Lanzante says a larger front splitter and dive plans, plus a modified rear wing, are estimated to help the LM produce 40 percent more downforce than the GTR.

McLaren’s Special Operations division will provide six LMs for Lanzante, comprising a prototype and five customer cars – just like the F1 LM 21 years ago and price is yet to be confirmed.

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