Monaro or Monza? Holden faces a coupe conundrum

Peter Brock HDT Opel Monza

THE Holden Monza could be a reality by 2018 as the local arm of General Motors shores up its next sports car. The name was last on the bootlid of a Holden when Peter Brock’s Holden Dealer Team produced two V8 coupes in 1984, based on the Opel Monza coupe.

658_Peter _Brock _vertGeneral Motors has trademarked the name ‘Monza’ for use in Australia, the name given to a stunning, be-winged two-door concept car shown by German arm Opel in 2014. Opel had been on sale in its own right in Australia from August 2012, but GM suddenly closed the Aussie arm of the brand after 12 months.  Importantly, this trademark application was filed well after Opel shut its doors Down Under.

That means that this name is not for an Opel-badged model in Australia, but more likely a performance model wearing the Holden lion up front. 

GM’s Stefan Jacoby, vice-president of Consolidated International Holdings in Singapore that oversees the Australian operations, confirmed to Wheels in March that the Australian carmaker would offer a desirable model in the wake of its locally made performance Commodore  disappearing from showrooms in the wake of the closure of its Australian manufacturing arm. “We will bring a Holden sports car in the near future,” he told Wheels. “It will be something which truly fulfils the requirements of a genuine Holden sports car.”

Vauxhall -Monza -Concept RESIZED

The Monza name hasn't been seen on a two-door Holden since Peter Brock produced several Holden Dealer Team Monza coupes in 1984. Based on the two-door Opel Monza, which used the same platform as the VK Commodore that was in showrooms at the time, the racing legend fitted them with Holden 5.0-litre V8 engines in what became his vision of a Commodore coupe.

658_Brock _Monza _interior

The HDT Monza graced the cover of Wheels in May 1984, but only two were built and the model didn't become a full-time member of Brock's operations, which at the time was Australia's "sixth-largest car manufacturer". 

658_Brock _Monza _v8

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  • I just checked the HDT website and it stated "HDT Monza The idea for the Monza coupe first came about when Brock & Harvey were in Germany for Le Mans and they were given a Monza as a loan car and Brock immediately thought of the potential of the car with a Holden V8 up front. So after some negotiation, a car was sent out to Australia and HDT went about modifying the car for the Australian Market. While in Europe, Brock had also worked out that he could get a semi-complete rolling shell sent to Australia as a “spare part” from Opel." So maybe the truth is 2 "shells" were all up here, but only one was a complete car
  • Who cares? When the name of a car becomes more important than the car's abilities, then it makes no difference what it is called. You can't polish a turd....
  • If I was going to bring the camaro to Australia I wouldn't be renaming it.....same goes for the caddy really. They are really good brands in their own right and probably wouldn't suit the style of the Holden brand. Holden calibra anyone?
  • Check your facts guys, there is only one HDT Monza made by Brock