Revealed! BMW's new tyre shredder

We wouldn’t want to be a BMW PR man right now. After guarding the mechanical details and look of the all-new BMW M3/M4 duo for months, shots of both cars have just leaked onto the internet.

And they’re not graining teaser images either – they’re bloody good.

But while their premature release is a PR man’s worst nightmare (both cars weren’t scheduled to be unveiled until the Detroit Motor Show in January), the leak is good news for us.

So sit back and revel in BMW’s discomfort as you take in their newest turbo-powered tyre shredders – the M3/M4.

Unless of course all of this was a ‘planned leak’ by BMW…

In any case, be sure to pick up the January issue ofWheels which goes on sale December 16 for our exclusive first drive with all the technical details.

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