Subaru BRZ STi not 'real'

It seems we might have been duped.

Remember those ‘teaser’ images that Subaru revealed yesterday of the long awaited BRZ STi?

The ones that mysteriously appeared on the official STi website in Japan with the words ‘coming soon’?

Well after a very excited 24 hours in which the whole internet exploded, it turns out the car in the pictures mightn’t be the STi we’re all waiting for.

A new report from Japanese site claims the car pictured is in fact just a tS version of the BRZ, not the turbo-charged, hardcore STi variant.

The tS has no more power than the standard car, but has body mods and upgraded suspension – like the BRZ ‘S’ Subaru launched here in July.

Subaru Australia couldn't confirm or deny the reports, nor shed any light on the specificant of any potential STi model, telling Wheels it is still waiting for a reply from Japan.

Stay tuned for more information.

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