Victoria looks into filtering

Victorian, government, 18 month, Parliamentary, Inquiry, Motorcycle, Safety, PIMS

The Victorian government’s 18 month Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety (PIMS) conducted by the parliamentary road safety committee resulted in a 500+ page report and 64 recommendations.

Following intense lobbying from road safety advocates with assistance from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, the Victorian government and VicRoads have agreed to support a filtering awareness campaign.

The lobby group referred to a European motorcycle accident study (MAIDS) that found lane filtering reduced rider crash rates by up to six times, eased congestion and increased driver and rider awareness of motorcycle safety.

John Voyage, road safety lawyer with Maurice Blackburn said rider safety advocates had worked tirelessly to present evidence the government couldn’t ignore.

“Filtering has proven to increase motorist awareness of riders on the road, leading to fewer collisions and serious injuries,” he said.

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