Older women Australia's 'greenest' drivers

Women who are aged 50+ are officially Australia’s most environmentally friendly drivers, a new study has found.

The research, conducted by insurance heavyweight AAMI, found older women are Australia’s ‘green champions’ as they have a greater tendency to leave the car at home, drive smoothly, avoid speeding and service their cars regularly.

Unsurprisingly males aged 18-24 have the heaviest impact on the environment when it comes to their driving habits.

More than 3,700 drivers were surveyed from across Australia, which also revealed New South Wales is the ‘greenest’ state.

The ACT is the least environmentally friendly motoring state.

To reduce your impact on the environment while driving, the study recommends the following steps:

• Service your car as often as the manufacturer recommends

• Carpool as often as possible

• Drive smoothly, without hard braking or acceleration

• Avoid high speeds or driving in a gear lower or higher than needed

• Regularly check your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure

• Remove unnecessary weight from the boot or roof racks

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