Audi kills R8 e-tron supercar

Iron man has one, but it looks like production of Audi’s R8 e-tron could be limited to just one unit, after the company announced it will no longer build the electric supercar.

Audi says building the 280kW electric car, which shattered a record at the infamous Nurburgring, isn’t financially feasible.

The news broke at an Audi technology day, where journalists were invited to drive one of 10 near-production e-tron prototypes.

Apparently, Audi isn’t happy with the current state of battery technology, regarding costs and recharging time.

Still, the company plans to use the information garnered from the e-tron in upcoming production models, and is said to be putting its weight behind the 1.4-litre A3 Sportback e-tron which arrives in Europe early next year.

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