2014 Porsche Turbo details leaked!

It’s a move that will cause purists to break down and cry, but the new Porsche 991 Turbo – like its GT3 sibling – will not be offered with a manual transmission.

The news, broken by Road & Track magazine, is part of a host of new information sourced on the blown 911, which also includes the revolution the new car will boast active aero.

The race-bred technology, which adjusts the car’s aerodynamic efficiency on the move courtesy of an inflatable tube in the front splitter, is designed to ensure the Turbo’s nose won’t lift at higher speeds – a common problem in previous, high-performance 911s.

Like the GT3, the new turbo gets rear active steering, allowing for greater manoeuvrability and stability.

Power has been upped too, with more boost and more revs pushing output to 388kW for the Turbo and 418kW for the Turbo S.

As expected the Turbo is also 13 percent more fuel efficient, but that hasn’t stopped the new model being significantly faster – with testing at the Nurburgring seeing it eclipse the time of the current model by up to nine seconds.

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