The new 'bloke-ier' Beetle

Remember Peter Weir’s The Cars That Ate Paris? Evidently VW doesn't.

At the latest model’s local launch, the presentation included a menagerie of Beetle movie montages ... without a single reference to the 1974 Aussie classic.

For those not into low-budget camp horror, an early Bug brandishing spiky armour sets out for Vee Dub The Impaler-style revenge on the eponymous NSW town’s murderous residents.

Now, VW’s oversight is ironic, because butching up the modern Beetle’s twee image was priority die nummer eins for this, only the third in 75 years.

To that end, VW has fashioned a longer, lower, and proportionally truer post post-modern Beetle to the rear-engined Type-1 original.

Minus the spikes, of course.
Full story here.

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