Rare Lamborghini to sell for $2 million

Remember when Lamborghini was completely nuts? Back in the days when it wasn't owned by Audi?

Well the last of the 'true' Lambos is going under the hammer, with pundits tipping it could fetch as much as $2.1 million.

It's called the Pregunta, and despite sounding like its pregnant (Pregunta actually means 'question' in Spanish), it's extremely rare.

Produced as a one-off concept car in 1998, the Pregunta was first shown at the '98 Paris Motor show.

Based loosely on the iconic Diablo, the Pregunta was lighter and simpler than any Lambo before it, boasting a 393kW V12 and a top speed of 333km/h.

Despite being a concept, it's a fully functioning car with dynamic air intakes, a rear-view camera (cutting edge in 1998), GPS, digital dash and 'combat jet-derived cockpit ergonomics'.


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