China's 350km/h Ferrari killer

Ah the Chinese. They aren’t what you’d call…original when it comes to car design.

Instead, they seem nick design cues from other brands and wack on a new badge.

Take the nation’s newest supercar for example.

Called the Icona Vulcano, it seems to be a Frankenstein of the supercar world’s elite.

See it from the front and you think Ferrari F12. The side, Corvette Stingray. The rear, Lexus LFA.

Still, you can’t copy a car’s performance and it’s here the Vulcano comes into its own.

With a claimed top speed of 350km/h from its 670kW 6.0-litre V12, Icona claims the Vulcano can charge from 0-200km/h in less than 10 seconds.


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