The Ultimate Aston Martin launched in Australia

The Aston Martin DBS Ultimate is one last hurrah for the British manufacturer's flagship model before it is succeeded by something newer, faster and stronger. And Aussies can now get in on the limited edition action as it's just been launched locally.

Exclusive features on the DBS Ultimate include exposed carbon fibre details on the exterior, black and polished silver alloy wheels, smoked grey taillights and Zircotec-coated exhausted pipes. The exterior colour can be either carbon black or silver.

The interior meanwhile is completely clad in black, with red stitching and gear paddles the only contrasting features.

Buyers will also be able to opt for either coupe or convertible versions of the Ultimate.

The DBS Ultimate's powertrain remains unchanged from the regular DBS, with its 5.9-litre V12 making 380kW and 570Nm.

The DBS Ultimate will be limited to just 100 units, with only three or four expected to land on our shores.

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