Toyota FT-Bh concept revealed

The future is decidedly weird looking, if the Toyota FT-Bh concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show is anything to go by. It sure makes an impact.

The clue is in the name: FT-Bh stands for Future Toyota B-segment hybrid - so although the Japanese giant has only just unwrapped its brand new Yaris Hybrid supermini, it is apparently already planning for that car's successor.

Focusing on maximising efficiency in five key areas - weight, aerodynamics, powertrain, thermal management and electricity saving - Toyota has created a concept that offers a 50% CO2 improvement over the current supermini class average. It also weighs less than an Aygo - without using any exotic materials.

Toyota will probably want to think about toning down the looks a bit before putting the FT-Bh into production - those are some crazy curves. On the other hand, it has supposedly achieved a 30% aerodynamic gain as a result, so it's not just mad looking for the sake of it.

Despite featuring a petrol-electric drivetrain (complete with heavyweight batteries and motor), the FT-Bh weighs under 800kg. The petrol side of the equation is a 1.0-litre two cylinder. In conjunction with hybrid drive, it will return 1.8 l/100km!

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