Honda NSX concept car

First unveiled stateside at the Detroit Show in January, and now wearing Honda badging for the first time, this is the new NSX concept's European debut here at Geneva 2012. And boy are we excited to see it.

The original NSX was partly developed by F1 legend Ayrton Senna, so the latest car has a lot to live up to. But the basics are there: mid-engined layout, two seats and a rakish body. Make no mistake, the NSX concept means business.

The new Japanese two-seater features a hybrid powertrain - giving massive performance with hatchback efficiency - Honda's first ever dual-clutch gearbox and an all-new advanced platform, promising that the NSX concept will deliver.

But someone in Honda's styling department doesn't know when to put the pen down by the looks of things - the new NSX is needlessly fussy in some areas. Given its superb basic proportions, a much more simple design, aping its predecessor, might have been more apt.

Honda is expecting to put the NSX into production within the next three years but a launch date, pricing and specification are still yet to be confirmed.

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