Rinspeed reveals Dock+Go backpack on wheels car

Swiss automotive innovators Rinspeed have revealed their latest crazy contraption: the Dock+Go.

While it may sound like an iPod charger, the Dock+Go is actually a trailer system that can be hooked onto a smart ForTwo to exponentially improve its limited practicality. For instance, it can be hooked up to increase cargo space, provide more power via an internal combustion engine, extend the electric range of the ForTwo by holding more batteries, keep pizzas warm for delivery drivers, or become a mobile party unit with the optional Harman sound system.

The Dock+Go system’s main downside is that an extra axle – and two wheels – are added, inevitably causing handling issues.

Production of the Dock+Go is still up in the air, with Rinspeed saying they are in talks with a number of potential manufacturers.

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