2012 Porsche Panamera GTS

If you thought Porsche's most focused performance Panamera was the Turbo, think again. While the range topper with forced induction may have ultimate power, the new GTS, with its naturally aspirated V8, is the new king.

How come? It's simply more focused as a driver's car. The chassis has been tuned for maximum agility, the engine has 22kW more than the Panamera 4S on which this car is based, and there are plenty of subtle design features to add into the mix.

The body is close to that of the Turbo, with a bolder front end that includes large air intakes and black bezels to the headlights. At the rear the spoiler is a four-part design that opens sideways as it lifts. Below is a standard-fit sports exhaust.

The sound package is a crucial ingredient of the GTS, a combination of extra valves that open to free things up at the back end, and a 'sound symposer' like that fitted to the new 911, which channels noise from the engine air intake to the A-pillar, getting occupants more intimate with the engine. It works.

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