Justin Bieber's custom Batmobile revealed

Dubbed the Bat-illac, take a first look at Bieber’s Batmobile - Justin Bieber's lastest ride.

Customised by Ryan Friedlinghaus, the founder of West Coast Customs, the converted car was originally a Cadillac CTS-V - customised to meet Justin Bieber's specifications for the fit out.

Bieber’s Batmobile features a black-on-black matte paint job with a Batman logo replacing the original Cadillac badge - with custom 'suicide' doors (similar to the Rolls Royce Drop Head Phantom Coupe) and HID headlamps to complete the look. A 'JB' logo is also featured on the side panels.

Reported by TMZ, Bieber has already run in to trouble in his new ride. Recently while driving his pimped out Bat-illac in California - Bieber was pulled over for cutting off a Highway Patrol officer. He was let off with a warning.

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