Lexus LFA Successor Planned: Report

The Lexus LFA has been seen as a one-off demonstration of Toyota's ability to build with the best of them, rather than the first in a new line of L-badged supercars.

So far, Lexus has confirmed plans for only 500 cars, including 50 track-prepped Special Edition variants.

Despite being less than two years old however, the LFA is quickly becoming yesterday's news. That's how it is in the car industry. Now, reports out of Japan suggest Toyota is planning something more.

Details are thin on the ground, but according to Japanese magazine Best Car, the carmaker is working on a so-called 'LFA II'.

Whether the secret car is an update of the existing LFA or an all-new successor is unclear. We would think it unlikely that a brand-new model would be on the drawing-board soon after the LFA's debut.

With no sources quoted, the report may simply be a fiction of the rumour mill. But now that it has begun, Toyota may find it hard to resist the call of battle.

After all, there are ever-newer Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens out there, waiting to be challenged.

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