STI - a work of art?

STI - a work of art?

Subaru Tecnica International - better known as the bright pink letters spelling STI - has given itself a rather indulgent 20th birthday present.

Fuji Heavy Industries and Subaru has built an STI Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, to display its 20 year history of motorsport endeavours.

The museum is split up into three different areas: the 'Car Exhibition' area featuring STI production and racing models, the 'STI Concept' area, and an 'STI History' area.

Road cars as well as race cars, such as the rare two-door bug-eye and Colin McRae's 1993 Legacy RS, are on display: the latter standing alongside the newly-launched JDM Legacy.

The STI Gallery is located in the Mitaka district of Tokyo, which is also the same locale as the head office of Fuji Heavy Industries.

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