Jaguar - The Wheels Report 2015

Jaguar - The Wheels Report 2015


Anticipation isn’t a strong enough word for the XE. Jaguar has been desperate for something to finally take the fight to the German big guns, notably C-Class, 3 Series and A4. In its first couple of months, the XE was by far the biggest-selling Jag; a trend set to continue. Less impressive was the former mainstay, the XF, which slowed to a trickle as a replacement model looms.

Rank: 32
2015: 1.2K
2016: 3K
Grade: A+


The XE has plenty to offer – an impressive sports sedan with more exclusivity than its prime premium-badged rivals – and will dominate the brand’s sales. The new-gen XF that arrives in February should bring incremental increases, and a tweaked XJ will also arrive around the same time, meaning a refresh of most of the British brand’s models. Crucially, around mid-year, Jaguar will launch the F-Pace, its first SUV.


The Germans. Jaguar is still a tiny player in the booming luxury market and the impressive offerings from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi inevitably impact how many potential buyers will consider a Jaguar. The British marque must also fight without the breadth of model variants offered by its wealthy German rivals, instead focusing on its relatively narrow line-up.


Finally pouncing with the potential it has long had. The XE is exactly the car Jaguar needs right now, something that will ensure a more than doubling of sales in 2016. Throw in fresh offerings across almost the entire model range and it’s shaping up to be Jaguar’s best year in Australia to date.

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