Holden - The Wheels Report 2015

Holden - The Wheels Report 2015


There have been few shining lights on the Holden sales front, especially with the looming manufacturing closure. Barina down, Cruze down, Captiva 7 down, Commodore down, Trax down, Colorado down, Malibu (remember that one?) down. Holden is holding on to some month-on-month growth in market share, but year-on-year its share has fallen. 

Rank: 4th
2015: 100K
2016: 109K
Grade: C+


It’s all about fresh metal for Holden, but much of it is arriving late in the year. Expect a new Barina and updated Trax, Captiva and Colorado (which could finally get the firepower it needs to challenge better rivals). Astra is an important newcomer and could be joined by an all-new, and imported, Cruze. The big unknown is Commodore. There’s a real chance patriotism could bolster sales of the last Aussie model, especially V8 variants.


Convincing people the brand is here to stay. Many think the end of manufacturing means the end of Holden, so the company has a job to do to reassure people about the Lion’s future. Living with underwhelming key models and managing the likely end of local Cruze production also makes for a tough year ahead. In other words, the challenges are many, huge and varied.


Lots to learn. Another tough year ahead, but it could come good in Q4. The freshening of key models means Holden is well positioned to finally flex its muscle on the sales front, overtaking a challenged Hyundai to regain third place in the market.

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