Whoa Factor - $70 000 Flying Trike

We mightn't have the flying cars that TV promised us the 21st Century would bring. But very soon, there could be an affordable flying trike that you can jump in and drive/fly to your work.

The work of Texas inventor Larry Neal, the Super Sky Cycle has three wheels, a three blade propeller and a 582 cc engine. It's road-legal in the states, where Neall already has substantial interest in his product.

The Super Sky Cycle can do over 130 km/h in the air, and it can fly for five hours without refuelling. When it's on the ground, the propeller folds up, and it can do a perfectly respectable 105 kmh on asphalt. It can also land in only 20 feet of space.

Neal is already taking pre-orders for his invention, which will sell for around $70 000. The Texas Border Patrol will be using the Super Sky Cycle monitor movements between the USA and Mexico, and interest worldwide from law enforcement, companies and civilians is strong.

The Super Sky Cycle does require a pilot's license to fly/drive, and there's no word yet on whether it'll be road-legal here, but we can hope.

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