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Are current sports cars too quick for manual gearboxes?

Why fast cars need a fast transmission

Entrepreneurosis: Tesla model why?

Tesla's business model draws stark similarities to the failed Bricklin and DeLorean, what's different?

The Jaguar XK140 and John Carey's sojourn of historical disappointment

Ask a journo what the best car they've ever driven is, and it's hard to answer. Ask John Carey what the worst car he's ever driven is, there is...

The Insider: Is the rise of social media the downfall of new cars?

Car makers used to generate anticipation by building a genuinely great car, however these days they can just buy hype through social media.

Opinion: Teaching the next generation the joy of driving

Stahly reminisces on the generational tradition of teaching our future drivers

Opinion: Road safety experts blinded by speed

FOLLOWING UP on our Road Safety investigation, columnist Corby discovers some experts unable to talk about anything other than speed

Custom rego: ultimate accessory or waste of money?

What do personalised registration plates tell other road users about you and your car?

Australia’s road death farce

Why our fixation with speed needs to change

Wheels Investigation: The war on speed - Towards Zero Sense

We the public may soon more getting more cameras, more fines and lower speed limits, but are they really the answers to our road safety debate?

Opinion: Why the C8 Corvette will not be a Holden

Hagon mulls over why the next-gen mid-engined Corvette will not be a Holden. In name, and in nature.

Is Honda making itself great again?

Honda has lost much of the panache it had in its 1980s and 1990s heyday, but there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon…

Opinion: The luxury car tax is a pain, but it is here to stay

This financial year, the luxury car tax will add more than $600 million to the public purse. And it isn’t about to go away

Reflecting on the life of a legend - Opinion

Michael Stahl reflects on how Gilles Villeneuve has impacted his life, 35 years after the F1 legend passed away

Opinion: Why Holden's influence is slipping

Unexpected A$3.1 billion dollar sale of Opel shows decline of Holden influence in eyes of Detroit headquarters.

Godzilla Redux – Nismo GT-R, Bathurst, and a nervous editor

Editor Inwood heads back to his old stomping ground of Bathurst behind the wheel of Nissan’s fearsome GT-R Nismo