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Opinion: Can one car do it all?

Many Australians feel the need to own more than one car, and Corby is starting to feel it too as he searches for his one car for all occasions

The Bathurst 1000 is no longer the best event at Mount Panorama

The Bathurst 12 Hour and Bathurst 1000 are two fantastic events, but if you only have time to attend one, there is a clear winner

Why the new Camry is the car we had to have

Australia suffered from its desire to keep making Toyota’s midsize car here. The new imported one is a welcome arrival

Opinion: Active safety will let you down one day

In-car systems that automatically slam on the brakes or lunge to fill a gap still have some way to come

Beware: Lexus’ ‘Ultimate’ LC 500 review

Why you shouldn’t get just anyone to review a car – even if they do happen to be one of the world’s highest-paid writers.

Why the Porsche Boxster should have been four-pot from birth

Love it or hate it, the four-cylinder Porsche Boxster is real. Here’s why it should always have been that way from the very start

Are current sports cars too quick for manual gearboxes?

Why fast cars need a fast transmission

Entrepreneurosis: Tesla model why?

Tesla's business model draws stark similarities to the failed Bricklin and DeLorean, what's different?

The Jaguar XK140 and John Carey's sojourn of historical disappointment

Ask a journo what the best car they've ever driven is, and it's hard to answer. Ask John Carey what the worst car he's ever driven is, there is...

The Insider: Is the rise of social media the downfall of new cars?

Car makers used to generate anticipation by building a genuinely great car, however these days they can just buy hype through social media.

Opinion: Teaching the next generation the joy of driving

Stahly reminisces on the generational tradition of teaching our future drivers

Opinion: Road safety experts blinded by speed

FOLLOWING UP on our Road Safety investigation, columnist Corby discovers some experts unable to talk about anything other than speed

Custom rego: ultimate accessory or waste of money?

What do personalised registration plates tell other road users about you and your car?

Australia’s road death farce

Why our fixation with speed needs to change

Wheels Investigation: The war on speed - Towards Zero Sense

We the public may soon more getting more cameras, more fines and lower speed limits, but are they really the answers to our road safety debate?