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The joys of driving a Lamborghini Huracan in Tokyo peak hour

Sometimes you don’t have to go fast to enjoy a car

AMG snow drifting is cooler than Ford Focus RS drift mode

Turns out driving on snow isn’t only ridiculous fun, but educational too. Here’s what we learnt, and why you should do it.

Why scrapping unrestricted speed limits in the Northern Territory is a stupid decision

Stephen Corby fires up over the planned reinstating of speed limits on the Stuart Highway

A baby NSX won’t make Honda exciting again

Tony O’Kane has a rant about why the last thing Honda needs is a scaled-down version of the NSX supercar.

What you can learn from a car crash

The best moments in your life tend to replay in your memory at full speed: that sporting triumph; the wondrous moment of attraction and reaction...

Australia’s motoring future is bleak

We have had a glimpse at our automotive future, and it is bloody miserable.

Why an Apple Car is a worrying prospect

Apple often rushes things to market then works on fixing the issues. You can’t do that with cars

Living with a Rolls-Royce would be a nightmare

Just a weekend with a Rolls-Royce Ghost was a pain in the arse for Stahly

Autonomous track days announced for the UK

Call me a Luddite, but robotic cars should stay the hell away from track days.

Jaguar’s last chance

Why the famous British brand needs to realise following market demand isn’t a sign of failure or weakness.

Why Ford’s closure date is a fail

October 7 is the day Ford will close its factory doors forever. It’s also the same day as the Bathurst 1000. Does no one at Ford own a calendar?...

Holden Cruze: The end of the line

Holden has announced local production of the Cruze hatch and sedan will end on October 7. Was it the right car for Australia?

Ford Focus RS drift mode hype is drifting us towards the nanny state

Don’t listen to the anti-Drift Mode hysteria. It’s all bollocks.

Traffic Schools: A solution to our ever-growing road toll problem?

The NRMA has suggested introducing US-style “traffic school” for low-level speeding offences, where drivers would be sent off for re-education i...

Pokemon Go and get a life: why this new craze is dangerous

People who waste their lives playing video games - like the highly trending and inexplicably popular Pokemon Go - have always been alarming and...