Original Shelby Cobra sells for record amount at auction

Shelby Cobra

Check out this ridiculously awesome $18million Shelby Cobra.

FEAST your eyes on this beauty! What you see before you is the very first Shelby Cobra, and it just sold at Auction for US$13.75million (A$18million).

Let that price sink in for a little bit. Roll it around in your mouth and image what A$18million looks like. Hell, you could land at least a pair of Sydney’s ridiculously priced apartments for that kind of money!

The Monterey Car Week auctions are some of the most expensive in the world, regularly setting sales records.

Blue -shelby -cobra -drivingThe final price of this 1962 Shelby 260 Cobra, known as the CSX 2000, makes it the most expensive American-built car ever sold.

The former record holder was a 1968 Ford GT40 which went for the relative bargain amount of US$11million (A$14.38million) in 2012.

Blue -shelby -cobra -rearThere is more information on the CSX 2000 at auction house RM Sotheby’s website , but it is most notable for being the very first Shelby Cobra.

It arrived in the US as an engine-less shell in February 1962, before Carroll Shelby and Dean Moon plonked a 260-cubic-inch V8 engine and Ford four-speed gearbox under its British skin.

Blue -shelby -cobra -front -sideOnce it was put together, Moon and Shelby decided it was time for an inaugural test… after a few drinks.

“We got drunk and drove it around—an impromptu road course we had set up between the oil derricks,” Moon explains.

Blue -shelby -cobra -side“When it didn’t break, even after all that rough treatment, well, then we knew we had a good car.”

The CSX 2000 was enough for Shelby to convince Ford to give him the capital he needed to produce the first batch of Cobras.

Blue -shelby -cobra -odometerNew, the car would sprint to 100km/h in 4.2-seconds, which is an impressive figure even by modern standards. In 1962, it would have been mind-altering.

The car lived its life initially at the Shelby family driving school, before an extended period attending promotional and historic events.

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