2016 Ford Mustang v Holden Commodore SS-V Redline drag race video

It’s Ford v Holden - with a twist, now that the Blue Oval’s Mustang performance hero has arrived.

ON PAPER, this fight is close. Both are V8 icons. Both have more than 300kW. Both are six-speed automatics and cost a brush under $60,000.

And if you believe the official performance claims from Holden and Ford, just one tenth separates these two in the sprint to 100km/h.

But how does all this translate into the real world over the quarter mile? Will Holden’s 6.2-litre SS-V Redline trounce its new pony car rival? Or will the leaner, two-door ’Stang claim straight-line bragging rights?

Watch the video to find out.

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  • Always good to have Holden vs Frord but this was pointless , the coupe would be much lighter , or is it ? Maybe telling us the weight figures in that story would have been appropriate with the other info
  • So the Holden lost it in the straight line ! How about a test in some tight bends and see who wins
  • Why not do a real test...4 door family car vs 2 door pose car. See how many luggage bags and a golf bag can fit in both cars. Then see how many passengers can sit in the back seat. Then see if any small women or men, can lift the Mustang bonnet. I wonder who will win that test?
  • Not fair. I wanted the Holden to win. Do it again, please, with the Holden given a 3 second start. Im so sorry to see the Holden disappear from oz. Such a crying shame no more Holdens.
  • that was fun. so the lighter mustang is quicker than than a car the wife picks the kids up from schooll in and gets the groceries in and we go to the beach in on saturday with the dog and the bikes and the fishing gear. oh yeah , that mustang is a winner !!
  • @SSS The 6.2 is heavily detuned in the SSV so it doesnt tread on HSV's toes some engine made 340Kw in a HSV.
  • @Jez the mustang is NA and 1.2L smaller engine. it holds no real advantage.
  • Yesssss that's the same spec as my car race red auto gt will be picking up mine in 1 week it's currently at port Melbourne. The 5.0 is very rev happy and will go all the way up to 7000rpm and it starts pulling at 4000rpm but the commodore has good torque down low and doesn't rev as high as the stang. Mustang for the win!!!!!
  • Wow, I expected the Mustang to win by more over a bigger, heavier and naturally aspirated car.
  • @SSS Not detuned, We loose the power because of the RHD exhaust headers being too restrictive in order to get around the steering column. It's OK my Mustang is on order and so are the long tube headers!
  • Heheheh. They detune the 5 litre V8 GT Mustang for Autralia and it still flogs the 6.2 litre SSV Redline V8 Commodore! Heheheh!