World's most expensive model car - $7.8 mil gold Aventador

For the man who has everything, and we meaneverything, we bring you this – the $7.8 million gold Lamborghini Aventador model.

Yes, this multi-million dollar car isn’t actually a real Lamborghini, but rather a 1:8 scale model. Crazy huh?

Set to officially become the world’s most expensive model car when it’s offered up for auction, the model is wrapped in solid gold over a carbonfibre body.

But they’re just two of the exotic materials used in its construction, with the model also featuring platinum, sterling silver and gemstones – which adorn the interior. Apparently the cost of materials alone is $2.6 million.

But before all this excess makes you feel sick, or in fact you realise a real, drivable Aventador costs (only) $760,000, there is a small silver lining to this story.

At least $650,000 of the model’s $7.8 million price tag will go to charity.

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