Angry Alfa 4C gets 309kW tune

It’s not even on sale yet, but Alfa’s sexy new 4C is already in the crosshairs of the world’s best tuners.

The Italian sportscar’s first tune comes from German outfit Pogea Racing which plans to take the already very fast 4C and turn everything up to 11.

Power has been upped from 175kW to 309kW, while torque jumps from 350Nm to 450Nm thanks mostly to new twin turbos, a revised fuel system and a bespoke tubular exhaust.

They’re impressive numbers in a car that weighs 895kg (dry), and ones that could propel the 4C into the performance realm of Porsches and Lamborghinis.

Remember, the stock 4C already out accelerates the Porsche Cayman S from 0-100km/h.

Visually Pogea will offer new 19 and 20 inch wheels, a carbonfibre bodykit and an overhauled interior.

What do you think? Tuning at its best or a step too far?

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