The expensive world of supercar merchandise

Welcome everyone to the insanely expensive world of supercar merchandise.

A glittering wonderland where car makers add zeros to the prices of everyday goods.

All because they stick their badges on them.

To celebrate this lunacy, we’ve collected some of the more…astronomical asking prices in one convenient spot for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and it’s timely too, with Ferrari and Hublot releasing a new ‘special edition’ watch (pictured).

Designed to accompany the release of the $2.3 million LaFerarri, the watch – called the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari – has 637 moving parts and needs to be wound every month.

Sadly, Hublot is yet to list the watch’s cost, but if the LaFerrari’s $2.3 million tag is out of your range, we’re guessing the watch will be too.

Still it’s worth clicking through the gallery, for a laugh if nothing else.

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