The next gen of Supercar

Remember this moment, you're experiencing history. The world of supercars is the same no more.

Change has come to the supercar market, with the Geneva Motor Show ushering in a new era of supercar exotica – the hybrid.

Gone are the days of simply using a massive engine to produce insane power. Instead, the supercars of tomorrow will have an engine on one side and an electrical plug on the other.

Ferrari and McLaren are the first to usher in this new era, with their new LaFerrari and P1 models.

Don't fret though. This move to hybrid technology is a good thing. Not only does it keep the greens happy by making supercars kinder to the environment, but hybrid tech is used to enhance performance, not diminish it.

That means electric motors can offer instant power and work alongside conventional powerplants to perfect the driving experience.

Don't believe us? Check the gallery to see the cars ushering in the new era.

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