MINI's world first 360 backflip

MINI, world first, 360 jump, stunt, backflip, france, insane, countryman

As far as car stunts go, this is a doozy.

In what MINI is calling a world first, the brand has performed an ‘unassisted 360 degree backflip’.

French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit completed the stunt overnight, tumbling the MINI Countryman off a snow ramp in France.

It’s estimated the car jumped 12 metres during the stunt, as well as completing a full 360 degree turn.

The stunt was four years in the planning, with Chicherit undergoing intensive training to complete the necessary airborne aerobatics.

Details on the car haven’t been revealed, but the heavily modded stunt vehicle is based on a JCW Countryman crossover which uses a 160kW four-cylinder engine.

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