Compact SUVs under $45K: Gold Star Value Awards 2015

Compact SUVs under $45K: Gold Star Value Awards 2015

More popular means less cost.

Mazda CX-5 Maxx FWD

Mazda -CX5-Maxx -FWDCOMPACT SUVs have become better value as they’ve grown in popularity, improving economy and shedding superfluous features to lower entry costs. In the base CX-5, a 2.0-litre petrol four-cylinder works in place of the 2.5L petrol and 2.2L turbo-diesel further up the range. The smaller four works because the CX-5 Maxx FWD also does away with the AWD system of pricier versions, reducing weight and transmission losses. The cheapest CX-5 isn’t the least expensive of the soft-roaders considered for the category, but its resale is the best.

Kia Sportage Si

Kia -Sportage -SiIF THERE was an award for generosity of warranty, Kia would win. Happily, the Sportage’s other fundamentals stack up as a great buy, largely underpinned by its sharp price.

Hyundai Tucson Active

Hyundai -Tucson -ActiveWOULD the Tucson topple Sportage if it matched its rival’s warranty? No, though there’d be little in it. Even so, Hyundai’s warranty is more generous than most.

Compact SUVs under $45K Mazda CX-5 Maxx 2.0L FWD Kia Sportage Si FWD 2.0i Hyundai Tucson Active
Purchase Price $27,190 $25,990 $27,990
Combined cycle fuel (L/100km) 6.4 8.2 7.8
Fuel RON (min. rec.) 91 91 91
Three-year fuel cost $3653 $4680 $4452
Redbook resale (%) 67.8 60.8 61.0
Three-year depreciation $8755 $10,188 $10,916
AAMI insurance premium $863 $851 $854
Service interval (months) 12 12 12
Warranty (years) 3 7 5

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