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Barn-find Ford XA Falcon GT sees the light after 35-year hibernation

Survivor Cars and Shannons set to display a dust-covered Ford Falcon survivor, found in a shed after more than three decades

New AC gas promises lower global warming impact

While air conditioning has been a standard car feature for several decades, the refrigerant gases used to power these systems have traditionally...

How to choose the right custom wheels for your car

A nice set of wheel rims can set your car apart from the pack. By Fuel Autotek

Tyre Compare: Taking the pain out of tyre shopping

Tyre Compare is the first and only comparison website in Australia that allows you to find inventory and prices stocked by your local tyre retai...

Six ways to slip into a scorcher – without breaking the bank

Can't afford a Superleggera? Wheels finds six ways you can get a blistering fast car for the weekend,

Mad Mike tackles mud drifting

Turtle Wax Australia teams up with professional drifter Mad Mike Whiddett to put his Mazda BT-50 through its paces!

Behind the scenes of Mad Mike Whiddett’s video for Turtle Wax Australia

Go behind the scenes and take a look at the making of the video, and an insight into the rise of professional drifter Mad Mike Whiddett

Mad Mike Whiddett thrashes his BT-50 for Turtle Wax

In their latest video campaign Turtle Wax Australia teams up with professional drifter Mad Mike Whiddett. Watch Mad Mike put his Mazda BT-50 thr...